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WE WILL RESPOND QUICKLY--often within the hour during daytime in the Eastern US time zone.

If you have questions or need assistance with your EZWebSites.BIZ WebSite you can contact EZWebSites.BIZ support by submitting the form on this page, or sending email to support@EZWebSites.BIZ. Please be sure to include your current email address so that we can promptly respond to your questions.
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Telephone Support:

We try to handle all support requests by email because experience has shown that this is much more effective and results in less wasted time for everybody.  This allows us to track all support requests and make sure you receive a prompt response.

If you feel that you need to speak to a support person to properly explain your problem, you can leave us a voice message at 727-498-0304.  Your message will be forwarded to support leader Paul, and he will respond personally. This method is likely to take somewhat longer than contacting us by email.  Please be sure to leave your site name, telephone number and email address in your message!


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